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Stitches & Sutures in Winston-Salem

A deep cut often needs a little help to heal on its own. While serious cuts with excessive blood loss do require a trip to the emergency room, most cuts are not life-threatening and can easily be treated at an urgent care facility. When you need stitches in Winston-Salem, you can get them quickly without a visit to the ER at MEDIQ Urgent Care.

A trip to a Winston-Salem urgent care facility often costs much less than a trip to the emergency room. Instead of waiting endlessly to be seen while people with the more serious injuries are seen first, you are seen and treated quickly. This gets you back on your way and on the road to recovery in less time.

If you are suffering from a cut that requires stitches or sutures, don’t wait. MEDIQ Urgent Care in Winston-Salem is ready to help.

What Are Stitches and Sutures?

Stitches and sutures are used to hold a large cut together so the skin can heal without constantly being pulled open. The two words are often misunderstood, but “stitches” refers to the procedure, while “sutures” refer to the actual strands used to stitch the wound closed. Stitches and sutures give your body the chance to heal properly when you’ve suffered a serious cut.

Signs You Need Stitches

Sometimes, the fact that you need stitches is obvious, but some wounds are less obvious. How can you tell if you are in need of sutures to help hold the wound closed? If you are experiencing any of these, you need to visit our Winston-Salem urgent care right away:

  • If your wound is continuing to bleed, even after applying pressure for 20 minutes, you need medical attention.
  • If you have been cut on your neck, which is a vulnerable area, you need to be seen.
  • If the area around the wound feels numb.
  • If you are concerned about scarring, such as with a wound on the face.
  • If you have a loose flap of skin hanging off of the cut.
  • If the object that cut you is still in the skin, you need medical attention right away.
  • If your cut is longer than 1/3 inch or deeper than ¼ inch, you need to seek medical help.

At MEDIQ Urgent Care in Winston-Salem, we believe you are better safe than sorry. If you have a cut that you are questioning, stop in to our urgent care facility for prompt attention.

Get Seen at Our Urgent Care and Walk-In Clinic in Winston-Salem

MEDIQ Urgent Care offers the services of a walk-in clinic and urgent care facility in Winston-Salem. We are here for you when you experience a cut, offering immediate medical attention and the right care, whether or not you need stitches and sutures. If you have a cut that you aren’t sure about and that is not life-threatening, skip the ER and visit us.

Before you come, feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment and pre-register. This will shorten your wait time. However, you are more than welcome to walk in without an appointment, and we will see you quickly.