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Drug Testing in Winston-Salem

Drug testing is necessary for a variety of career fields. Whether an employee is operating heavy machinery or working in a sensitive area where they need full use of their faculties, employers have many reasons to need to know whether or not their employees are free from drugs. Drug testing is often required by Winston-Salem employers to ensure that the employees they hire are doing their jobs safely.

At MEDIQ Urgent Care, Winston-Salem employers and employees can get drug screening and drug testing as part of our occupational health services. If you are in need of drug testing or are curious to learn more about what we offer, here is some information about this important and common service.

For more information about drug screenings or to make an appointment for drug testing in Winston-Salem, contact MEDIQ Urgent Care today.

What Are Drug Tests?

Drug tests are simple medical tests that detect drugs in the body. The most common type of drug test is urinalysis, or urine testing. We offer this service at our urgent care testing. All it requires is for a patient to provide a urine sample to be tested. Once a sample has been collected, using care to ensure it is not tampered with, it is sent to a certified laboratory to be tested for drugs and alcohol. Often, the sample is split so two tests can be performed if drugs are suspected.

Other Types of Drug Tests

Though the urinalysis is the most common drug test, it is not the only one. Some additional types of drug tests include these:

  • Hair tests – Hair tests can identify drugs that were used over a 90-day period of time, which is far longer than other drug test types.
  • Blood tests – Blood tests give the best indication of very recent drug use, but the validity drops quickly with time, as the blood filters drugs out to put in the urine.
  • Breath tests – Breathalyzer tests record blood alcohol content and are an excellent screening tool for alcohol use.

Do you want more information about the types of drug tests we offer? Contact us online for help determining which drug tests would be the right fit for your needs.

Who Gets the Results?

Drug tests, like all medical tests, are private, personal health information. An employer does not automatically get access to the drug test information. In order for that to happen, the employee must give his or her permission to our urgent care facility to send the information over.

Stop in Today for Drug Testing in Winston-Salem

If you have been asked to have a blood test, MEDIQ Urgent Care in Winston-Salem makes it simple. Simply walk in for prompt testing services, or call ahead for an appointment. We never leave you to wait for care, but will see you promptly with accurate drug testing services. Fulfill your drug test requirements with minimal disruption to your day at our convenient location.

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